How To Use Essential Oils For Sinus Infection For Amazing Relief!

essential oils for sinus infection

Your head is explosive. Your face is in a state of perpetual torment. The smallest motion, sound, and interaction with others irk to the core. Your social skills are malfunctioning, and all you want to do is curl up like a ball and wail.

To compound the situation, you’re contending with excessive mucus, pounding headaches, a throbbing cough, halitosis, and the list continues. A sinus infection is dreadful.

Most people ‘wait it out’ as a defense mechanism. It does go away with time, but when you suffer from chronic sinusitis, time isn’t a luxury. Based on research, a sinus infection usually goes away within 2 to 3 weeks. That’s a long time to suffer.

Some people turn to antibiotics, especially when their sinuses stay inflamed for an extended period. Antibiotics may help to fight against an infection, but research shows that there are potential side effects to contend with.

A natural way to ease the impact of sinus infection is to use essential oils as an aroma-therapeutic measure.

Essential Oils For Sinus Infection

Essential oils are replete with chemical constituents, making them effective solutions for supporting the unblocking of infected sinuses. These compounds not only provide a physical defense against sinus related symptoms, but they may improve the mind and wellbeing.

During miserable times it also helps to protect our mental fortresses, and essential oils help to do just that. A fortified mind is better able to cope with a sinus infection.

The essential oils suggested will not only relax and strengthen your mind, but it’ll ease physical afflictions coming from inflamed sinuses.

Essential Oils To Kick Sinus Infection To The Curb

1. Basil (Ocimum basilicum)

Sinusitis affects your mental faculty, particularly your ability to think with clarity. This could seriously impair your judgement. Decisions you would have otherwise dodged are easily made when your mind is foggy. Basil withdraws your mind from the mist and back to earth. It puts your focus where it needs to be, while mitigating coughs and unblocking your sinuses.

Compresses, especially hot ones, are useful for treating localized infections caused by the inflammation of the sinuses. Pour 3 drops of basil oil into a container of warm water. To avoid being burnt, ensure the water isn’t too hot. Add a cloth to the water, wring it out, and apply to sinus points to relieve pressure.

Note: Do not use basil essential oil as an inhaler; it could burn the lungs.

2. Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis)

You know all too well that a sinus infection deals a terrible blow when it flares up. It’ll probably hit you with a dozen different symptoms. Let’s talk about that numbing headache. Your head is often in a frenzy; that piercing pain is determined to leave you blind. A headache incited by inflamed sinuses is no joke.

With bay laurel’s sedative activities, you’ll be taken from a world of pain to a state of tranquility. The effects are simply amazing. Finally! Yes, that disturbing headache has abated.

Bay laurel may deal a potent blow against a grotty sinus infection when used as a temple massage: To a teaspoon of your most esteemed base oil, add 2 drops of bay laurel essential oil. Thoroughly combine the oils in your hand and gently massage at the temples to help relieve your headache.

3. Cajeput (Melaleuca cajeputi)

Like bay laurel essential oil, cajeput boasts a beautiful effect when used to relieve sinusitis symptoms. Components of the oil mimic the activities of a decongestant.

The expectorant chemistry of the oil help you to cough up and spit out mucus. The secretion may not look or smell pleasant, but that beats having a ton of nasties on your chest.

With cajeput essential oil, your sinuses will gradually clear up. The wall that was closing in will have vamoosed after several applications.

To clear the air and your sinuses, add 3 drops of cajeput to your diffuser and float the day away. While the dispersed oils work to unblock your nose, it also kills germs in the air. You get to relieve your discomfort while purifying the air you breathe!

4. Marjoram (Origanum majorana)

Marjoram is that elegant, warming oil that flaunts its decongestant activities, which helps you feel better. Your sinuses will no longer feel like a clogged, worn out pipe. They’ll float with refreshing air and your lungs will feel less barricaded after using the oil.

Let marjoram work wonders for your congestion and calm your nerves with its sedative action. To a tablespoon of carrier oil, add 15 drops of marjoram essential oil. Use 1 tsp. of milk as a substitute to your carrier oil. Add the mixture to an average-sized bath. Get in, soak away your sinuses.

5. Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus)

The constituents of the oil may help to improve your ability to focus during a sinus infection. You’ll be better able to deal with symptoms such as congestion, mucus, and an uncomfortably scratchy throat.

With relief from your sinuses, your respiratory health will improve as you’ll have more air filling your lungs.

Another impact of eucalyptus is its ability to help in situations where you lack energy. Sinusitis drains your physical and mental strength. It renders you tired. While the oil treats your sinus infection, it lifts your mood, refreshes your mind, and revitalizes your bones.

Eucalyptus essential oil can help to stop a sinus infection in its tracks in areas where it matters most. 3 drops of eucalyptus oil can be added to a tablespoon of ointment to create a massage oil. Gently massage the blend to your chest to lift congestion and ease your sinuses.

6. Yarrow (Blue) (Achillea millefolium)

The clearing properties of yarrow essential oil takes your heavy, congested chest and make it as light as a feather. The soothing action of the oil equips your body to contend with sinus-related headaches and breathing problems.

Yarrow essential oil may help relieve sinus infection symptoms such as headache, congestion, and breathing issues through steam inhalation. Pour 3 drops of yarrow oil into a container with water that has been brought to a boil. With a towel above the head, allow the steam to perpetuate your lungs by inhaling. Do this for about 3 minutes.

7. Niaouli (Melaleuca viridiflora, M.quinquenervia)

Niaouli may just be the oil you need to aid with your respiratory dilemmas, including a clogged nasal passage. It’s common to feel pressure behind your cheeks and eyes when suffering from inflamed sinuses. The crisp fragrance of niaouli will help to ameliorate this tension and leave your mind in a meditative state.

When a sinus infection hits, niaouli may also help to slow down mucus production. This means your chest will feel less bloated and air has much more space to travel through your nasal passage.

Combine a teaspoon of your preferred carrier oil to your palm and add 2 drops of niaouli essential oil. Using your index finger, mix the oils together until they’ve blended well. Rub both palms together and proceed with a gentle massage at sinus points.

8. Ravensara (Ravensara aromatica)

A sinus infection that seems endless and drawn out for weeks can cause fatigue. Your everyday tasks could seem rote and burdensome if you should continue without proper help. Ravensara essential oil has restorative properties that can help to improve your wellbeing.

The oil does provide relief against sinusitis as it helps to unclog your sinuses, contributing to better breathing. As you use ravensara to improve your physical wellbeing, it also restores strength.

Ravensara essential oil is best used as an agent to relieve respiratory-tract infections or sinus related symptoms. Add 4 drops of the oil to a bowl with hot water. Place your head above the bowl. Cover your head and bowl with a towel and inhale deeply for about 15 minutes. The oil is more effective as a decongestant when combined with similar oils such as pine, thyme, and eucalyptus.

9. Violet Leaf Absolute (Viola odorata)

When your sinuses get infected, you’re probably hit with at least five different symptoms, simultaneously. An attack can be overwhelming. What’s even worse, your aches and discomfort will likely rob you of precious sleep.

Violet absolute is comforting. Not only does it unblock inflamed sinuses, but it relaxes your mind and heart. It soothes your mind and lulls you right to bed. Finally, you can now rest and wake up in the morning feeling new and revived.

Violet absolute is best used as a steam inhalant to loosen phlegm. Add 4 to 6 drops of the oil to a container with hot water. Position your head above the container and inhale the steam for about 15 minutes. Add the oil to your diffuser for a more relaxing and calmative effect.

10. Oregano (Origanum vulgare, Origanum onites)

A sinus infection may have a terrible effect on your ears. Your inner walls may inflate like a balloon; you’ll likely struggle to hear well, and you’ll suffer from drainage.

Do not even speak about the pain involved. You’ve likely suffered from an annoying pain that resonates to your jaws. Oregano essential oil may be used to soothe most of these symptoms. This is owing to the expectorant and stimulant activities of the oil. It’ll soothe your aches, and can turn the tables for your infection.

As some sinus infections are caused by bacteria and fungi, the antibacterial and anti-fungal chemicals may relieve sinus issues. Oregano is best used as a tissue inhalant. Add 2 drops of the oil to a tissue and inhale. Should you prefer a steam inhalant or diffuser, add 4 drops of essential oils.

2 Potent Blends To Beat Sinus Infection And Calm The Mind

Some essential oils do provide a powerful effect when used alone, while others are more effective as a blend. The blends highlighted in this section will help to alleviate sinus infection symptoms and put your mind at ease.

Cajeput And Pine Inhalation Blend

This blend may provide relief against sore throat and congestion. The expectorant activities of cajeput will help with the expulsion of mucus while pine revitalize the mind.

  • 3 drops of cajeput
  • 2 drops of pine
  • 2 drop of lavender

Bring to a boil a pot of water. Pour out the water into a container. Add the recommended oils and their dosage from the ingredient list.

Place your head a few inches above the container. Add a washcloth or towel to your head to make a tent over the container. Inhale the steam for approximately 5 – 10 minutes.

Relaxing Eucalyptus And Lavender Compress Blend

This compress blend is refreshing and will work to alleviate tension headaches. It’s soothing and revitalizing. The components of eucalyptus draw out mucus while the sedative activity of lavender relaxes the mind. Use the ingredients below for a single compress.

  • 1 teaspoon of almond oil
  • 3 drops of lavender
  • 3 drops of eucalyptus

Add enough warm water to a bowl. Add the recommended oils to the warm water. Immerse a washcloth in the bowl. Remove the cloth and squeeze to get rid of excess water.

Place the wash cloth to your head and hold in place until the temperature drops. Repeat the process about 3 times before getting rid of the solution.

To Summarize

  • A sinus infection may show various symptoms. This includes throbbing coughs, congestion, runny and stuffy nose, halitosis, earaches, headaches, and others. A sinus infection is uncomfortable and may cause sleepless nights.
  • Allowing a sinus infection to run its course is not an effective way to deal with the issue. Antibiotics may provide some help against the infection, but it does have side effects.
  • Essential oils may ameliorate symptoms of sinusitis, their chemical constituents supporting the unblocking of infected sinuses as well as providing mental clarity.
  • The most effective methods to ameliorate sinus infection symptoms is to apply the oils in a diffuser and steam inhalation.

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