Best 14 Bergamot Essential Oil Benefits For Your Hair, Skin, Sleep & Even Home!

benefits of bergamot

Open a bottle of bergamot essential oil and you will be greeted by a delightful medley of sparkling citrus, seductive spice, and sweet florals. Bergamot, a hybrid between a sour orange and a lemon, provides more than merely a pleasing olfactory experience. Bergamot’s aromatic complexity is matched by its extensive versatility.

Ready to meet this essential oil wonder? Let’s move on to some introductions!


Botanical Name: Citrus bergamia

Origin: Italy

Extraction Method:

  • Cold press (contains furocoumarins) or vacuum distillation (does not contain furocoumarins)
  • Vacuum distillation Bergamot FCF (furocomarin-free) is a type of bergamot essential oil made by steam distillation. This oil does not have the phototoxcicity, skin sensitization, photocarcinogenic, and 0.4% maximum dilution safety advisories that cold press bergamot oil does. (See Note under ‘Cautions”)

Plant Parts Used: Fruit peel

Note Classification: Top/middle

Scent: Citrus with spicy floral qualities

Blends Well With: Black pepper, clary sage, cypress, frankincense, geranium, jasmine, mandarin, nutmeg, orange, rosemary, sandalwood, vetiver, & ylang-ylang

Shelf Life: 3 years


Maximum Dilution: 0.4% for topical applications of cold press oil; 16.6% for aromatherapy and topical applications of FCF oil

4 Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot is a bright bubbly citrus tempered with soothing florals and intriguing spices. It invites us to join it in creating a beautifully balanced aura of peace and joy in our homes as well as throughout our bodies and minds.

Historically, bergamot has been wonderfully effective in 4 key areas including: revitalizing our skin, elevating our mood, supporting our physical wellness, and maintaining our home.

For Skincare

Itchy Skin? Bergamot To The Rescue!

This world is full of mild irritations like bug bites as well as bigger issues like chicken pox, shingles, eczema, and psoriasis. Sometimes our skin craves a little soothing support.

Bergamot essential oil contains limonene, a constituent which has been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory qualities. Since inflammation is often the cause of itchiness, using bergamot oil to help decrease inflammation may also relieve mild itchiness.

Clearer Skin By Bergamot

Acne is often caused by a buildup of the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes within clogged pores and cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Neither leaves us feeling our best or our most confident. Both can be very emotionally distressing since they negatively impact our appearance and take away our clear skin.

Bergamot to the rescue! Bergamot essential oil has historically been used to support our skin’s health and clarity. On a mental level, it also helps boost our self- esteem and reminds us that our self-worth is based on so much more than the physical condition of our skin.

Bergamot Rejuvenation

Our skin is subjected to environmental stress on a daily basis. Eventually as we age, that stress may become visible in the form of skin spots. Our skin can also become damaged by trauma or burns which leave behind scars.

Our skin deserves an ally in dispelling this damage. Antioxidants help to support our skin cells’ function and neutralize environmental stressors. Limonene and terpinene, two of the chemical constituents found in bergamot oil have demonstrated antioxidant qualities.

Block That Body Odor With Bergamot

Bergamot has a history of being used to squash unpleasant odors including body odor.  If you would much rather smell like a tropical fruity drink than a sweaty, stanky human, the next time you are out shopping for deodorant look for a bergamot + lime aluminum free variety made by one of the natural deodorant companies.

It smells absolutely delectable, goes on smoothly, provides both deodorant and antiperspirant protection, and actually (for me at least) lasts longer than the old traditional deodorants with all the horrid chemicals ever did.

Date Night – Brought To You By Bergamot

Have you ever noticed how men’s commercial colognes often contain notes of both citrus and spice? There is something nearly universally flattering and appealing about these fragrances on a man. The blend is simultaneously energizing and mysterious.

Bergamot contains both these notes and its aromatic complexity allows it to blend well with many other scents – perfect for use in colognes. When sprayed directly on the skin, the cologne blends with our pheromones to create a uniquely appealing signature scent.

For Mood

Unwind With A Bottle Of Bergamot

At the end of a long stress-filled workday, leave the Merlot in the wine cellar and instead break open a bottle of bergamot. Bergamot, like other citrus oils, sparkles with uplifting positivity that is sure to brighten your mood. Its soothing properties also make it perfect for calming frazzled nerves – just ask any drinker of Earl Grey Tea.

Clinical studies, including one conducted with stressed out school teachers found that simply inhaling the scent of this oil has the potential to lower our heart rates and blood pressure. [1]

Find Balance & Zen Through Bergamot

Many of us have endured times when sad and anxious feelings became a distraction from our otherwise fulfilling lives. In the middle of winter with short days and long nights, uplifting sunshine is in short supply.

Bergamot is so effective at balancing our mood that scientists have been taking note. When they ran studies to assess the capabilities of bergamot to positively impact less than positive feelings, the results were promising.

In clinical studies, bergamot aromatherapy effectively reduced the reported severity of both sadness and anxiousness. [2] [3]

Sweet Dreams With Bergamot

Bergamot is an ideal oil to turn to when you find yourself faced with the occasional sleepless night.

In a clinical study, bergamot aromatherapy actually resulted in decreased blood pressure and heart rate. [4] Since our blood pressure and heart rate naturally decrease when we go to sleep, this may serve as proof that on a physiological level, bergamot can support a healthy mental transition to bedtime.

For Wellness

Bergamot Supports A Healthy Digestive System

When you have an upset tummy do you find yourself turning to over the counter pharmaceuticals but wish you knew more about some natural options for supporting digestive health? Probiotics found in cultured foods like tangy, effervescent kefir yogurt are a delightful – and delicious – alternative.

You can also consult your essential oils collection and find several which will be glad to help. In fact, one of the best known historical uses of bergamot essential oil is to support a healthy digestive system free of intestinal parasites.

Bergamot is said to assist with regulating appetite as well as relieving mild indigestion, gas, and bloating, when used in a topical  massage blend. .

Breathe Easy With Bergamot

Bronchitis and other respiratory infections can leave us in pain while also battling a fever and nasty cough. Bergamot essential oil has historically been known to perform well as an antipyretic (fever reducing) and antispasmodic agent.

Embrace the shimmering lightness of this oil for support of healthy respiratory system function.

Healthy Renal System Supported By Bergamot

The burning pain of a urinary tract infection (UTI) is difficult to ignore and the wait to see a doctor and get treated can be excruciating. Experiencing a UTI definitely motivates us to take steps to keep our renal system healthy and avoid a repeat infection.

Enter bergamot. Bergamot essential oil has historically shown great promise for supporting renal system wellness. Use in a sitz bath along with a dispersant.

For The Home

Nix Home Odors Using Bergamot

When you walk in your home, the first thing you smell shouldn’t be yesterday’s bacon or your kid’s gym shoes.

One of the constituents responsible for bergamot’s delightful scent is limonene. Limonene is often included in commercial air fresheners to help create a pleasant aroma.

For those of us wanting a natural air freshening solution, we can skip out on all the chemical extras of store bought home fragrancing producst, and just use bergamot to bring sun kissed scent to our homes.

Bergamot Keeps The Dog Off The Lawn

It may sound strange, but anecdotal evidence suggests that if you want to keep your dog (or maybe your neighbor’s dog) off your lawn, you should give bergamot oil a try. As refreshing as we humans find bergamot to be, dogs don’t like the smell and will turn around when they encounter it.

Those who say it worked for them suggest spraying the oil around the perimeter and adding oil-soaked cotton balls at regular intervals to intensify the scent.

Clean Your Home With Bergamot

Our kitchen counters, bathroom counters, toilet seats, doorknobs – invisible environmental threats can be found everywhere. Commercial cleaning sprays can be effective yet harsh, so scientists decided to test the efficacy of essential oils when it comes to eliminating microorganisms.

S. aureus or staph is a common bacteria which can cause infections. In a 2011 study published by Food Research International, bergamot oil demonstrated “high activity” against S. aureus. [5]

A clean home feels so nice and airy, virtually sparkling with positive energy. Including bergamot in your home cleaning sprays helps infuse your entire home with bergamot’s cheer.

Bugs Run From Bergamot

Unwanted insect pests of all varieties seem to want to call our home theirs and often we hesitate to use chemical means to eradicate them because we worry about the toxic health effects. What if we could turn to a natural product?

Linalool, a constituent found in many insecticides is also present in bergamot oil without all the chemical add-ons.

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ways to use bergamot

The Bottom Line

  • Bergamot essential oil is useful for revitalizing our skin, elevating our mood, supporting our physical wellness, and maintaining our home.
  • It revitalizes our skin by soothing itchiness, supporting clarity, and encouraging rejuvenation following exposure to environmental stressors and traumas. It is also helps neutralize body odor and when added to colognes mingles well with the pH of our skin.
  • Bergamot supports our mood by banishing stress, alleviating occasional feelings of sadness and anxiety, and promoting restful sleep.
  • This tangy oil supports the overall wellbeing of our digestive system, respiratory system, renal system, and cardiovascular system.
  • Bergamot is helpful around the house as well for everything from eliminating odors to keeping errant dogs off your lawn. You can even use it to clean and get rid of bugs!

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