Clary Sage Essential Oil Benefits (Magical & Powerful!)

clary sage essential oil benefits

The word sage evokes wisdom. In the case of clary sage, there is a sense of clear wisdom. This character is even part of this essential oil’s aroma, one that conveys the deep peace of the forest through its woodsy, welcoming fragrance. The clary sage plant stands straight, allowing its delicate blossoms to radiate in all directions. Each of us has the innate abilities to do the same!

Please join me as we wend our way along clary sage’s path, seeking out this oil’s special wisdom.


Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea

Origin: Europe in the northern Mediterranean region

Extraction Method: Steam distillation

Plant Parts Used: Flowers and Leaves

Note Classification: Top to Middle

Scent: Herbal, mellow, nutty, tea-like, earthy

Blends Well With: Juniper, geranium, lavender, rose, frankincense, cedarwood, sandalwood, bergamot, lemon, and ylang ylang.

Shelf Life: 1 to 2 years


Maximum Dilution: 8% for the essential oil. (The maximum recommended dilution for home use is 3%.)

4 Powerful Benefits Of Clary Sage Essential Oil

Think of clary sage as the bestower of clear wisdom! Such a description is quite suitable for this thoughtful essential oil that has multiple and somewhat diverse uses! Its clarity bestows 4 powerful benefits that offer us aid from head to toe. It is akin to a seaside breeze wafting across your skin, carrying earth and plant aromas, reminding you of this moment’s beauty.

Clary sage supports mind and mood, the challenges of menstrual maladies, the need for an overall tune-up, and the wisdom of ongoing balance and wellbeing.

For Mind And Mood

Stress And Anxiety Relief In A Tiny Bottle

Stress. Anxiety. Welcome to my world, you say! Indeed, there are so many for whom stress and/or anxiety are too common. A seemingly never-ending stream of to-do’s, what-if’s, and longing for relief. Oh, to be able to sleep better and have some quality of life. After all, you work long and hard for both. Let’s take a moment to share the ways clary sage oil can support you through difficult times.

Clary sage essential oil contains calming, sedating esters and alcohols like linalool that offer warm, uplifting, and balancing benefits. A 2015 controlled clinical trial of Taipei career women concluded that those in the blended essential oil group showed the greatest improvement in life and sleep quality.

The blend was clary sage, lavender, and marjoram oils in a 1:1:1 ratio, and used via diffusion for 20 minutes, three times a week. A finding of mental calm was reported in another human subjects clinical trial in 2013. This study concludes that clary sage oil demonstrated a calming effect on the limbic system.

Just think of it! One hour a week to improve sleep and life quality. You already know that better sleep will reduce tension and nagging thoughts that spiral into anxiety.

Clary Sage Oil To Beat The Blues Of Depression

It can be so hard to think clearly when down in the dumps. Depression seems to slow everything, beginning with having all you can do to get out of bed. On better days you love the gaiety and uplifting qualities of a garden bouquet—time to gather one as a gift to self. You’ve heard from friends that uplifting qualities often apply to essential oils, including that wise one named clary sage. Clearly, it’s time to give it a try! (You know it is wise to check with your healthcare practitioner about feelings of depression, and you have already done so.)

Two of the monoterpene compounds in clary sage, alpha-pinene and limonene, help with feeling uplifted! Think of it—the pinene is like the tangy aroma in a peaceful grove of gently whispering pine trees. And limonene is used as flavoring that adds a zing to food and beverage. What lovely ways to invigorate your spirits and enliven your mind!

For Menstrual Maladies

Clary Sage Oil Cares For Monthly Matters!

A female’s monthly cycle can be regular or mysterious, not arriving in the stated 28-day schedule! Then there are cramps, or little flow, or one month this, and the next something else. Sure, the BCP may offer some relief, though that’s not the case for everyone. And what about the gals who can’t take it or choose not to. Choice. It would sure be great to have another option for living with menses.

Clary sage to the rescue! Regardless of your age or menstrual stage, clary sage soothes the smooth muscle fibers of your uterus. The physiological function of clary sage oil inhalation on smooth-muscle relaxation is discussed in a clinical trial. Just think of the gift the oil’s esters, such as linalyl acetate, offer in calming muscle spasms and reducing pain. The high-quality esters also support period regulation. And, how marvelous to know this balancing relieves PMS symptoms too!

Safety note: Clary sage is not to be used during pregnancy, though that is likely not an issue for menstrual topics! The reason is that clary sage stimulates uterine contractions.

Clary Sage Oil Wisdom For Change of Life

Yes, perimenopause and menopause give most of us a long, drawn out change. Some months we wonder if this will ever end. Or we hold our breath for the results of yet another perimenopausal pregnancy test! And truly, not to complain too much, these thoughts don’t even begin to cover the surges of heat. My friends all say they wish it was over in a flash! Good thing we are sharing bits of wisdom on ways to get on with life during this change.

A study published in 2014 reported in a significant reduction in cortisol levels of menopausal women who inhaled clary sage oil. The changes of plasma cortisol levels were especially noted in women who were depressive. The importance of this is that cortisol is a stress-related hormone that can cause bodily harm over time. The monoterpene compound linalool bestows clary sage’s sedating gifts when life is emotionally charged by hormonal fluctuations. It eases one into a grounded place of peaceful knowing.

For An Overall Tune-up

Clary Sage Oil For Breathing Support

There are times in life when my respirations are downright sluggish. Clary sage essential oil helps me when seasonal allergies, a touch of asthma, or a nasty cold get the best of me. The esters and ketones in clary sage relax my breathing, while providing the uplifting relief of deepened breaths. It aids in warding off microbes, a sure benefit for those prone to respiratory concerns.

Clary Sage Oil For A GI Boost

Clary sage is such a versatile oil! It aids digestion by supporting oral hygiene and keeping gas from gathering. These benefits take place because clary sage oil is made up of compounds that are microbe-thwarters and spasm-reducers. Your whole being is aided by healthy gums, including your circulation. Clary sage aids in limiting microbes in the mouth, keeping them from getting into the bloodstream and intestines. These nasties can contribute to the inflammation that hardens arteries and harms intestinal lining. Let clary sage support your wellbeing, beginning with enjoyable eating experiences!

These benefits are due to clary sage oil supporting the tone of your gums and membranes in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Clary sage has esters that give digestion a boost by stimulating digestive juices and encouraging elimination of wastes.

Clary Sage Oil Blood Pressure Benefit

Chances are as you explore the benefits of essential oils you’ll read that clary sage supports a reduction in blood pressure. This finding was noted in a controlled study that reported the clary oil group had reductions in both systolic and diastolic pressures. A healthy blood pressure minimizes the risk for hard and narrowed arteries that limit blood flow to major organs and limbs. Your whole body benefits from the support clary sage offers!

For Balance and Beauty

Clary Sage Oil Tones Your Skin!

There’s something amazing that clary sage oil can do for skin! It can balance and tone your skin whether you tend more toward dry or oily. This is a sure sign of clary sage wisdom and its ability to support balance and wellbeing. The esters and alcohols that make up clary sage are cleansing and ward off microbes. These benefits and its toning astringency contribute to clear skin bathed in your body’s oils.

Clary Sage For Hair With Flair!

Oh, how we love our hair! At least when it’s behaving properly. We don’t want it too dry or oily, not too thin, and certainly without split ends. Enter clary sage oil to save us from another bad hair day! This oil’s regenerative and balancing benefits are as useful for hair as for skin. Worried about dandruff? Nervous about thinning hair? Clary sage may be just the ally for you!

Clary Sage For Sleep-Well Memory-Making!

When I don’t sleep well, especially several nights in a row, my thinking dulls. Sometimes thoughts jumble together and my words aren’t uttered as intended. I forget an appointment, and on occasion, what day it is. Oh my! Sound sleep, the REM type with rapid-eye movement, is needed for ongoing wellbeing. Stress hormones return to baseline, cells regenerate, and wastes are moved along. Our never-idle brains store the day’s memories as dreams help to process the myriad joys and worries below the surface.

Research on a number of essential oils is in the early stages of linking these oils with potential cognitive benefits. The plants being studied share common compounds with clary sage, such as linalool and linalyl acetate. Time will tell, in the meanwhile you can rest assured that enhanced sleep quality is supported by the presence of clary sage in a blend that improved sleep quality for working women.

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what clary sage essential oil good for

The Bottom Line

  • This essential oil offers clear wisdom as it aids in overall regulation. It supports those challenged by stress, anxiety, or depression.
  • Clary sage provides head-to-toe benefits for tune-ups, and to maintain balance and wellbeing.
  • Special note for women is that clary sage regulates all things monthly! It provides cramp relief, shows a reduction in PMS symptoms and even lends positive support during perimenopause and menopause.
  • Clary sage uses can be readily tailored to match the desired benefit and individual preference.

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