Copaiba Essential Oil Benefits – The Brazilian Wonder For Pain?

benefits of copaiba essential oil

Time spent with copaiba essential oil is akin to entering a deeply quiet wood. The path is covered with aromatic fallen leaves. Breezes whisper through the bows that shelter many types of wildlife. It is thus in so many parts of the world, and especially so among the 30 meter copaiba trees of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, home of this amazing essential oil.

Like many other indigenous peoples, those living among these magnificent trees have turned to plants for sustenance and care. Copaiba’s supportive ways are now known beyond the forest’s edge. This oil beckons you with its calming, earthy aroma. It bestows aid to your immune system, offering protection from ills that pass on the air, or from hand to hand. These wonderful gifts are because copaiba essential is infused with a wealth of soothing compounds.

Come, follow along and together we’ll explore copaiba’s path beyond the woods, sharing its ancient wonder with our modern-day lives.


Botanical Name: Copaifera officinalis

Origin: Brazil in the Amazon Rainforest

Extraction Method: Steam distillation

Plant Parts Used: Oleo resin

Note Classification: Base

Scent: Woods and earthy with a sweet resin aroma

Blends Well With: lavender, lemon, and benzoin

Shelf Life: 3 years


Maximum Dilution: 8% for topical application. (The maximum dilution for home use is 3%.)

4 Powerful Benefits Of Copaiba Essential Oil

Much of the northern portion of South America is home to the tree that yields the resin from which copaiba Essential Oil is derived. There, the Amazon River extends far across the continent, branching out throughout the rainforest, caring for innumerable species. One of the species below the rolling tree canopies are humans, people who have long inhabited this wondrous part of Earth.

These indigenous people are our teachers, sharing their ancient wisdom about the gifts of their topical home. From them we learn of how to use resin from the copaifera to aid us in the form of copaiba essential oil.

Copaiba essential oil offers 4 powerful benefits for:

  • Daily Protection
  • Comforting Aches And Pains
  • Savvy Skin Sensibility
  • Mood And Stress Balance

For Daily Protection

Immune System Support

Let’s take a moment to think about the triple I’s of our health.

  • Immunity is the body’s ability to respond to assaults from infections, allergies, and stress.
  • Infections are caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi, some of which can cause lasting harm.
  • Inflammation is a sign the body is responding to harm, be it a wound, potential infection, stress, or other triggers.

Copaiba aids our ability to cope with potential infections and the effects of inflammation by supporting our immune system. This was demonstrated in an in vivo study of rats with cerebral cortex damage published in 2012.

One outcome was that the copaiba compound beta-caryophyllene helped to decrease the burden of inflammation-induced damage to the nervous system. The authors state that this damage can occur because of stroke, or brain or spinal cord injury. Copaiba essential oil use supports our confidence, helping us appreciate that we are resilient and will soon be back to new

Thwart Inflammation

Have you ever had those months when every nasty contagious whatever came to visit? One came to rest in your lungs and just as that passed, the next inflamed your intestines. You washed your hands, got extra sleep, and drank fluids, hot and cold, day and night. Wonder of wonders, and just in the nick of time, you read about copaiba Essential Oil and its powerful wellbeing benefits.

Copaiba is rich in sesquiterpene compounds that protect against inflammation, the sort that occurs with congestion. One of these compounds is beta-caryophyllene that is described by the PubChem Open Chemistry Database as being non-steroidal in nature as it protects against inflammation.

Interestingly, this compound is an approved food additive. The long and short of it is that when illness first strikes, turn to copaiba essential oil to combat inflammation and its buddies, fever and pain.

For Comforting Aches And Pains

Soothes Headaches And Migraines

Have you ever tried to make it through a day of work with a headache? Your head throbs, thoughts are foggy, words don’t assemble well. It seems the day will never end. All you want to do is go home, longing for peace, quiet, and no headache!

One of the main compounds in copaiba essential oil is beta-caryophyllene. It offers the added benefit of analgesic action, making it a true friend when you are out of sorts because of pain. And this so very true when a headache just won’t quit! Copaiba essential oil offers deep comfort that has staying power because of the richness of the tree it embodies.

Combats The Aches Of Age

It may not matter much how old you really are, as age can be a state of mind. Gradually we come to realize that one’s state of mind is often determined by one’s physical being too. New aches and pains crop up. Some from old injuries, others from wear and tear on joints, muscles, and tendons.

The cause doesn’t matter nearly as much as the gosh-darn ache, pain, spasm, or catch that doesn’t quit. This is where copaiba essential oil shines! It aids with pain relief as it adds that layer of protection when inflammation rankles you, limiting your plans for the day.

For Savvy Skin Sensibility

Skin Aid And Comfort

This topic brings to mind that copaiba essential oil is made from the gum resin of a magnificently tall tropical tree. Think of the thick gum from other trees like pines, and how their resin is sticky, yet can seal and harden. It is these very enduring qualities that make copaiba strong and sustaining.

A review published in 2017 presented the use of copaiba compounds for care of parasites and wound healing. Studies included in vivo outcomes in rats and in vitro examination, such as gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) analysis.

Overall findings suggest that copaiba oil and its isolated terpenes protect against parasites and may be involved in how the immune system responds to infection. These are the types of benefits copaiba essential oil offers people who live with acne, eczema, and other skin infections and irritations.

Skin Toning

Let’s face it! Skin that is cared for and protected resists infections and ages well. Yes, there is also the genetic factor to consider. Regardless of your DNA and the care you have (or haven’t) provided your skin in the past, today’s the day to begin. You’ll also be giving your outlook a boost as copaiba essential oil magic balances your mood and mental state.

For Mood And Stress Balance

Moody Matters

There is good news related to copaiba essential oil and mood: It is a balm for emotions, soothing and balancing when mood edges feel raw. The copaiba compound, beta-caryophyllene, is behind the balancing. It has a smoothing effect on the nervous system, and thus on the limbic system. All of this complexity factors into your state of mind and mood.

Copaiba offers relief for fatigue. It’s pretty much a given that it’s hard to be upbeat when one is exhausted! So, time to pause. Reach for copaiba essential oil goodness.

Stress and Anxiety Support

Stress and anxiety. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a real hand? Just some simple form of support to get through a tough time. No solutions, please and thank you.

Copaiba essential oil is a powerful ally, straight from the Amazon rainforest. It heads straight for your nervous system to calm and soothe. How lovely,I’m beginning to feel better already.

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The Bottom Line

  • Copaiba essential oil is protective in so many ways! It supports the immune system, giving it the rallying aid needed to thwart microbes. This essential oil knows how to go after inflammation, from head to toe, and points in between!
  • Let copaiba essential oil be your companion when experiencing aches and pains. A wonderful choice when suffering from headaches and migraines. Use as a massage aid for the uncomfortable effects of aging. It’s uplifting when spirits are dragged down by pain.
  • Copaiba essential oil does wonders for skin! Helps with quelling acne hotspots, tones your skin and even reduces the sagging effects of age. It also offers comfort and extra protection for skin irritations.
  • Copaiba offers support on down days and during times of stress. This is a spirit lifting essential oil, which provides the assurance of balancing. Its compounds link with brain receptors to gently alter your mood state.

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