Oregano Essential Oil Benefits For Colds, Warts, Skin Tags & More!

what is oregano essential oil good for

Humble, yet powerful and persevering, devoted and balancing, Oregano essential oil, carries years of healing experience and a rich spicy aroma that has established it as a culinary treasure in the world’s cuisines.

As a native herb growing wild in the rocky hills and mountains of Greece and other countries of the Mediterranean region, oregano was used for wellness as well as a food preservative by both ancient Greeks and Romans.

Ready to discover how to invigorate your physical and emotional wellbeing using this oil? Let´s get started, but first some introductions.


Botanical Name: Origanum vulgare

Origin: Mediterranean region, Southwestern and western Eurasia

Extraction Method: Steam distillation

Plant Parts Used: Leaves and shoots

Note Classification: Middle

Scent: Spicy, strong, herbaceous, camphoraceous, warm

Blends Well With: Lavender, Thyme, Lemon, Rosemary, Citronella, Cedarwood, Basil, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Bergamot, Cypress, Tea Tree, Oakmoss, Geranium, Fennel, Bay, Petitgrain, Pine, Orange, Eucalyptus

Shelf Life: 4-5 years


Maximum Dilution: 1.1% dilution for dermal use.

4 Benefits Of Oregano Essential Oil

If you enjoy mountain hiking, a visit to the mountains of Greece will award you with a deeply calming but at the same time energizing effect, which is the result of clean pure air combined with scents of oregano and thyme harmoniously spread in the air.

This is probably the reason why this plant was given the name of ´oregano´ which in Ancient Greek means ´joy of the mountains´.

However, if Greece is not part of your traveling plans right now, but you want to bring some of this invigorating mountain atmosphere to your house, oregano essential oil is a great way to do so.

This oil has been used in 4 different areas of our health life: healing the skin, improving wellness, affecting emotions and improving life at home.

For Skin And Hair

Natural Remedy For Warts And Skin Tags

Common warts are caused by a virus from the HPV family which finds ways to infect the skin through any cuts or if the skin is damaged.

Oregano essential oil has been used as a successful natural remedy for warts and skin tags; it works by shrinking and drying them.

You just need to give a little time for the oil to work its magic because, in some cases, the progress can be slow.

Say Bye Bye To Toe Nail Fungus

One of the triggering causes of toenail fungus is a weakened immune system. It also seems that those with circulatory issues and health problems such as diabetes are more vulnerable to it.

Oral medication for toenail fungus can lead to negative side effects such as stomach upset, skin problems, dizziness, and even liver damage. Also, it may not work for everyone.

Oregano is the natural alternative to these medications. Many find it effective at fighting infections caused by fungi.

Get Rid Of Pimples Naturally With Oregano

The problem with a lot of antiseptic products available on the market today is that they are full of chemical fillers that can dry out the skin and even cause irritation to sensitive skin.

The solution may be from the past, when the ancient Greek Physician Hippocrates utilized the oregano plant as an antiseptic. Today, oregano essential oil is used in many DIY recipes for acne and keeping the skin more clear.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that it should not be used in a higher than 1.1% dilution due to low-risk skin irritation. As an extra precaution, you may also want to try it on body acne first and see how your skin reacts to it.

Hair Lice Run From Oregano

One thing that probably every mother thinks about when sending their kid to school is head lice, and not without a reason. Getting rid of these parasitic insects and their eggs may often require time as well as effort and can be expensive, too.

The problem is that a lot of commercial hair products for lice contain harmful chemical ingredients and they are not always effective.

Oregano will rid hair of lice and eggs without the use of chemicals and without damaging hair or scalp in any way.

Note: Dilute the oil in a carrier oil before use or mix it into your shampoo.

For Wellness

Respiratory Problem Relief With Oregano

Looking for some science behind this powerful earthy oil? Its main chemical component is Carvacrol, a monoterpene which, according to a 2006 study, exhibited strong antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

Due to the ability to fight various harmful pathogens, oregano has historically been established as an effective natural way to find relief from different symptoms of respiratory tract problems including a tickly cough, bronchitis, and even asthma.

Natural Defense Against The Common Cold

It may start with a mild headache and then a sneeze, later some congestion and maybe a little fever. This is probably not the best way to welcome the cold weather period, but while the symptoms are still mild, you can fight back.

Many treasure oregano oil as the best natural solution when feeling under the weather due to a cold coming. According to Tisserand, oregano oil is one of the most powerful antimicrobial oils.

As such, it can fight pathogens causing respiratory infections, boosting immunity and therefore relieving the early symptoms of those infections including the common cold.

Sluggish Digestion Booster

In Chinese medicine, oregano oil has been traditionally used to relieve digestive problems while ancient Greeks used to drink oregano herb tea to treat belly spasms and diarrhea.

Also, on online health forums, those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (a chronic condition with symptoms of bloating, abdominal pain, cramping, gas, and even constipation or diarrhea) talk positively about oregano´s benefits in helping them feel better and boosting a sluggish digestion.

Loss Of Appetite?

Oregano oil can be the natural alternative to appetite boosting medication that is chemical based. It can also be particularly beneficial for those who suffer from appetite loss due to depression because, it can calm the nervous system and, at an emotional level, make negative feelings subside.

Muscular Pain And Sore Joints Relief

If you want to avoid using anti-inflammatory medicine for joint pain due to the various side effects they can have to your health, think oregano. The wonderful warming nature of this oil is probably the reason why it has been historically used for muscular pain, back pain, and chronic rheumatism.

You can use it as a muscle rub for muscle pain after strenuous activity or sore joints due to inflammation and arthritic pain.

For Emotions

The strong herbaceous and camphoraceous aroma of oregano essential oil may not make it one of the most pleasant essential oils aromatically if compared to those oils that have a floral or fruity aroma. It can be intense and forceful when first smelling it, even overwhelming to some, but slowly and steadily, it can unfold great potentials

Some find that this oil speaks to their emotional needs and offers relief. Oregano is grounding and calming. It infuses feelings of safety and security, offering a shield of protection from negativities..

For The Home

Protect Your Home Against Airborne Infections

Keeping your family protected from different forms of respiratory infections during those colder months can be a real challenge especially since there are so many factors that make our bodies more vulnerable to those airborne pathogens.

According to various studies, oregano oil has strong antimicrobial properties and is also effective with viruses and fungi. That is why it can be one of your first choices if you want to keep the air of your house better protected against those pathogens that cause respiratory infections including the common cold.

Natural Detergent Solution For Surface Cleaning And Hand Washing

Common detergents that are used today such as triclosan and chloroxylenol can have negative effects both to our health and to the environment.

In a 2013 study, oregano essential oil was emulsified in a liquid detergent and compared to a commercial antimicrobial hand washer. The hand washing trial was performed on staff volunteers and students of the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Technology, Thessaloniki, Greece.

One hand of each volunteer was used for the trial of the commercial antimicrobial soap and the other for the oregano oil liquid soap. The results showed that oregano oil soap was as effective as the commercial one and more efficient than soap which was plain and did not contain any additives.

The conclusion of the study was that this oil makes an effective antimicrobial additive to detergents that are used to wash hands and clean various surfaces.

Flying Insects Don’t Like Oregano

If waking up during the night to hunt mosquitoes is not one of your favorite pastimes, try oregano.

It makes for an effective mosquito and fly repellent. There is scientific evidence showing that some of its chemical components including carvacrol and thymol exhibit insecticidal activity.

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methods of use

The Bottom Line

  • Oregano has enjoyed a great reputation in various areas of our physical and emotional wellbeing. Emotionally, it feels balancing and calming.
  • When it comes to skin and hair care, oregano essential oil has been successfully used to treat warts and skin tags naturally as well as heal toenail fungus and acne, promoting a more clear skin.
  • People support that it is very effective in getting rid of head lice naturally, which is a great way to avoid using harmful chemical laden products on children.
  • According to a study, oregano essential oil was found to be as effective as commercial antimicrobial hand washers, which makes it a great natural hand sanitizer and surface cleaner, and it makes for an effective insect repellent.

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