20 Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil Benefits (More Than JUST An Amazing Scent!)

pink grapefruit essential oil benefits

Besides being merely pretty, pink is a power color for women, a symbol of our uniquely feminine strengths and insights. For men, wearing pink can reaffirm self-confidence and comfort with nonconformity.

In either case, pink isn’t nearly as soft and demure as we are often led to believe, and neither is another of my favorite pink things – pink grapefruit essential oil.

Pressed from the rind of her namesake fruit, pink grapefruit essential oil possesses a certain sparkling effervescence. She inspires joy and youthful exuberance about life.


Botanical Name: Citrus paradisi

Origin: United States, South Africa

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed/Expressed

Plant Parts Used: Rind

Note Classification: Top

Scent: Sweet, fruity, citrusy, fresh

Blends Well With: Bergamot, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Juniper, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Ylang Ylang

Shelf Life: 6 months – 2 years


Maximum Dilution: 4% maximum topical dilution for adults and 1% for kids

4 Benefits of Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

Pink grapefruit oil has built a reputation for being wonderfully effective in:

  • nurturing our skin and hair
  • maintaining our mental and emotional wellbeing
  • supporting our physical health
  • revitalizing our homes.

For Radiant Skin And Hair

Fights Cellulite

As we mature, we may notice ourselves suddenly developing puckered, dimpled patches of skin. What is the deal with these and what can we do to minimize their appearance?

The irregular texture is caused by body fat pushing against connective tissue and forming bulges. The resulting bumpy texture is often nicknamed “cottage cheese” and most women would like nothing more than to banish it from their thighs and butt permanently.

There is no magical cure or cellulite prevention, but pink grapefruit oil can help by reducing the water retention and inflammation which make cellulite more noticeable.

Massage is also beneficial for improving skin appearance, so coupling massage techniques with the use of pink grapefruit oil provides the ultimate synergistic effect your skin will love.

Cleanses And Tones Skin

Citrus oils like pink grapefruit are exceptional cleansers and toners. They encourage our skin to flush out toxins, they increase circulation, and they heighten the rate of cell turnover to reveal fresh glowing skin.

Looking for a product to attack free radicals? A scientific study found that pink grapefruit essential oil exhibited high levels of “free radical scavenging activity.”

Breakup With Your Blackheads

Pesky blackheads appear when our pores get clogged with excess oils and dead skin cells. The black color is caused by the oil’s exposure to oxygen.

Pink grapefruit oil helps to break up the clog and clear our pore so our skin may breathe freely once again.

Help For Faded Skin Spots

Another “gift” that comes with age and wisdom is the oh-so-joyous skin spot. These discolorations just appear seemingly out of the blue and advertise our age to everyone.

Want to fade them? Try adding a couple drops of pink grapefruit and bergamot essential oils to your facial and hand lotions.

Amazing Hair

Ask most women what they would change about their hair if they could and you start noticing a few common themes.

Some of us wish for shinier, more voluminous strands. Others just want to be able to go 24 hours without starting to resemble a grease ball.

Pink grapefruit has been known to add shine and volume to dull, lifeless hair. It also helps to balance oil production which alleviates the overly greasy scalp and hair situation.

For Mental And Emotional Wellbeing

Obliterates Stress

When stress hits, we often find ourselves mentally, if not physically, curled up in a ball. We are filled with dread and succumb to inaction as even making a decision seems difficult.

Pink grapefruit breaks through that negative energy spiral. She reminds us that often any direction is better than remaining mired where we are. Pink grapefruit shines a beautiful, uplifting beacon of light which encourages us to breathe deeply and release the stress so we can relax into the peace.

Banish Sadness

We all face periodic sadness and sometimes it lingers, impacting our lives and the lives of those we love.

When we feel lost in the depths of despair, pink grapefruit is a sparkling reminder that happiness is still out there, waiting for us. She reflects the positive energy of better, happier times and urges us to imagine all the ways our lives can bring us joy.

Break Through That Brain Fog

It is so frustrating when we need to focus and utilize all the potential and information stored in our brains, which sometimes just won’t cooperate.

Whether our brain fog comes from lack of sleep, poor diet, limited exercise, stress, or something else, pink grapefruit can help cut through it and return us to a state of clarity.

Just as the punchy, citrus aroma cleanses our skin, our hair, our homes, so too it can refresh our minds.

For Physical Health

Accelerate Fat Loss With Pink Grapefruit

Some people call pink grapefruit a “dieter’s friend” and science says that they just may be right. One rat-based study found that grapefruit oil kept preadipocyte (pre-fat) cells from turning into fat cells.

Another study also noted that merely the scent of grapefruit oil increases lipolysis (the burning of stored fat) in mice and rats.

Pink Grapefruit Can Regulate Appetite

In keeping with the “dieters’ friend” trend, scientists found that the scent of grapefruit oil resulted in a decreased food intake in mice and rats.

If this translates to humans, scientists speculate that the results would show that pink grapefruit is able to help reduce the urge to overeat.

Crave Pink Grapefruit Instead Of Sugar

When you find yourself faced with a powerful sugar craving, try diffusing some pink grapefruit essential oils instead. It is believed that the oil’s tangy tartness helps to reduce sugar cravings.

Reduce Hangover Symptoms Using Pink Grapefruit

Those bottomless mimosas that were so fun from 9 am until noon feel pretty miserable by the time you get to 3 pm, don’t they? Your head is pounding, you feel sluggish, and find yourself craving something – anything – to get rid of the pain.

Pink grapefruit is believed to stimulate our gallbladder and liver so that they are able to flush the alcohol out of our bodies sooner and we can get back to our pre-hangover happy selves.

PMS Can Be Less Miserable

Hey you – yes you on the couch with the pint of ice cream – PMS is never going to be fun, but what about trying some natural means of mitigating the symptoms?

In homeopathic circles, pink grapefruit oil is often used to aid with reducing cramps, headaches, fatigue, and muscle pain which are the hallmark symptoms of PMS.

It is believed that pink grapefruit helps dilate blood vessels and this is what is responsible for symptom improvement.

Beats The Bloat

Whether it is that time of month or you are just feeling a little bloaty after eating too many salty foods, pink grapefruit can bail you out. Pink grapefruit has shown itself to be an effective diuretic so its a perfect oil to turn to when you need to reduce a little excess fluid retention.

Supports Your Lymphatic And Immune Systems

Pink grapefruit’s ability to help the body flush out toxins plays into her finesse at bolstering our immune systems.

When we get a cold, we may notice that our lymph nodes swell and become tender. This is because they are filtering out the germs and attacking them with white blood cells. This whole process is much appreciated by our immune systems.

When pink grapefruit helps our lymphatic system operate efficiently, that in turn supports our immune system and our whole body thanks us.

For Our Homes

Clean It Up With Pink

Cleaning is so much more fun with natural products that smell amazing! It is empowering to breathe in the scent of your freshly cleaned room and know that it wasn’t produced using chemicals, but rather all natural goodness.

A home cleaned with pink grapefruit smells amazing. It vibrates with happy, sparkly, positive energy that your family and company will instantly be drawn to.

Degreasing Superpower

The fruit rind from which pink grapefruit essential oil is derived actually contains limonene, a wonderfully effective natural degreaser. It is so effective that limonene is actually included in the chemical degreasers.

We can just skip right to the source and make dish soap with pink grapefruit essential oil to cut right through the baked on grease.

Fight The Stench

Trash cans, diaper pails, soccer cleats, dog beds, moldy chicken nuggets expertly wedged under the backseat of the SUV – the stench is enough to make us gag. Short of falling back on chemical laden air fresheners, what are we to do?

Add pink grapefruit to homemade cleaning sprays, deodorizing tablets, and air freshening sprays to change the way your whole life smells. The airy citrus aromatic particles attach themselves to the offending odors and banish them leaving behind only sweet, juicy deliciousness.

Tough On Mold And Mildew

If you find yourself with a mold and mildew science experiment growing in your shower or those damp corners of the basement, pink grapefruit and her fellow citrus cohort, bergamot, are eager to vanquish it for you. Harness their cleansing powers and add them to some white vinegar to craft a natural mold and mildew spray.

Chase The Bugs Away

Does an insecticide that smells wonderful and is made of natural ingredients sound like a mystical unicorn? Maybe, but we all love the smell of pink grapefruit, right? Pink grapefruit’s primary constituent is limonene and limonene is used as a botanical insecticide.

This makes pink grapefruit oil a great natural way to repel and kill unwanted bugs around our homes. Try adding it to your homemade bug sprays and insecticides.

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The Bottom Line

  • Pink grapefruit oil has been effective at nurturing skin and hair, maintaining mental and emotional wellbeing, supporting physical health
  • Pink grapefruit helps maintain our mental and emotional wellbeing by obliterating stress, banishing sadness, and breaking through brain fog.
  • Pink grapefruit supports our physical health by accelerating fat loss, regulating appetite, curbing sugar cravings, reducing sluggishness, and supporting our lymphatic/immune systems.
  • Pink grapefruit revitalizes our homes by cleaning, de-greasing, deodorizing, removing mold/mildew, and repelling bugs.

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