Geranium Essential Oil Benefits To Spoil Yourself, Your Face Skin & Your Hair!

There is no mistaking Geranium oil for anything else. It has a strong personality and makes its presence known. Often, a small dose is used because a little goes a long way with this particular oil.

It’s a comforting strength, though, and Geranium oil can be used to soothe a multitude of womanly aches and pains. There’s something for the men too, in fact, anyone can find tough-love support here.

Let’s have a little talk about geranium oil.


Botanical Name: Pelargonium graveolens

Origin: South Africa

Extraction Method: Steam distilled

Plant Parts Used: Leaves

Note Classification: Middle

Scent: Floral, sweet and almost fruity

Consistency: Thin

Blends Well With: Angelica, Basil, Bergamot, Carrot seed, Cedarwood, Citronella, Clary Sage, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Lavender, Lime, Neroli, Orange, and Rosemary.


Maximum Dilution: Maximum of 3% dilution for everyday home use

4 Benefits Of Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium is that cheerful oil to get friendly with because of its vast benefits. Its diverse chemical components create a tranquilizing effect on the emotions, while numbing physical pain. In moments of restlessness, geranium scoops in to save the day like a concerned parent.

Geranium is protective of women. It soothes discomfort and reassures women who struggle with private issues, like menopause, of their worth. The oil is amazing, and its ability to promote beautiful, healthy skin is sought-after.

For Physical Wellness

One Step Closer to a Flat Tummy:

The oil has various properties that encourage the body to contract. And by the body, we mean muscles, intestines, skin, gums, tissues, and gums.

The result is a more toned looking body and a few steps back in the aging process. By telling your gums to get their act together, the natural process of loosening teeth is delayed by a little while longer. The same is true of your face and other wrinkle-prone areas.

No Bad Bacteria In This Body:

It’s almost as if bacteria is too scared to grow in wounds while Geranium is around. You can bet on the fact that your wounds will be clean and bacteria-free, stopping the infection before it has a chance to slither under the door.

This forces your body’s natural defensive cells to focus on internal problems instead of trying to sweep up bacteria. It’s like Geranium makes sure that the rest of the house is clean so that you can focus on cleaning your room, the immune system.

Let’s Get a Move On:

Geranium has no time for slow-healing wounds or medical incisions. Things need to get done, and they need to get done now. Geranium oil encourages a speedy recovery- if your body knows what’s good for it.

You also don’t have to worry about those pesky scars once your body is healed. Geranium oil helps to get rid of dark marks and other scars. It helps support healthy circulatory function and the even distribution of melanin on the skin’s surface.

There’s No Need for All That Hemorrhaging:

When Geranium oil says something, it means it. That means that when it told your blood vessels to stop slouching, they stopped slouching and got on with their jobs. And when Geranium noticed that your blood wasn’t clotting or coagulation quick enough, the oil got in there and told them to get back in gear. Of course, no-one argues with Geranium oil and now they say that hemorrhaging is less likely than before.

Out With the Old, In With the New:

It isn’t all fuss and no love. In fact, Geranium walks makes sure that things are working a little more effectively. This means that the oil takes the time to recycle old, dead cells and cheer on new cells as they regenerate. All this love and attention means that the cells want to grow a little faster and more effectively causing a growth in body cells and supports healthy metabolism

If You Need to Go, You Better Go Now:

Geranium helps the body to get rid of all sorts of extra water. When the excess water is excreted, or thrown out, the body takes a chance to get rid of other filth that happened to be lying around like urea, uric acid, bile salts, pathogens, pollutants, etc.

Often, this waste is excreted in the form of urine which has all sorts of benefits for your body. Urination helps with digestion and prevents extra gas from building up in the intestines.

Since salt is excreted when you urinate, this also helps to keep your blood pressure down.

For Mental Wellness

No Sleep? No Problem.

Insomnia is a massive contributor to mental distress and can be a side effect of some nasty ailments and illnesses. Insomnia is like a vicious beast that robs you of the relief of sleep. Thankfully, Geranium is known to feature a sedative property that can chase away the vicious beast.

Some have found that rubbing a drop between their hands and inhaling it before they go to bed at night is a massive help when trying to give insomnia the boot. What could also help is putting some oil in your diffuser and ensuring that your room is filled with this beautiful scent while you drift off.

Get That Stress Out of Here!

Many people say that Geranium oil has a calming scent. So far, we’ve portrayed Geranium oil as a tough and no-nonsense oil. But there’s a softer side to the oil that helps when fighting the effects of anxiety and stress.

The oil has a sweet, floral scent that fights to lessen the effects of fatigue, anxiety and depression. When you’re going through those things, it’s nice to know that there’s support in fighting away those bad clouds.

PMS Who?

If you’re questioning why PMS is in the section about easing mental health, you’ve never experienced it. PMS is that one time a month where everything in a woman’s body feels completely out of whack. Symptoms include irritability, pain, and general moodiness.

Geranium oil’s calming scent is a welcome relief from the moodier symptoms, while many say that it can help to balance hormones. Those two factors makes it something that should be tried the next time PMS comes knocking.

Focus! Focus! Focus!

We’ve all been there. You’re halfway through the day, you’ve got a ton of deadlines and suddenly your brain bows out and no matter how hard you try, you can’t focus on anything important. The oil is known for improving focus, even after mental fatigue crawls in. All you have to do is massage a little essential and carrier oil into your temples and neck, and you should be focusing again in no time.

Several scientific research teams have been researching the effects that Geranium oil could have on patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. The results have been promising, which makes this an oil to watch.

For Stunning Looks

Join The Fight Against Wrinkles

When you get older, your skin loses elasticity and the sagging causes wrinkles. When Geranium oil gets the body to stop “slouching” the skin listens to this command and this reduces sagging which lessens the effect of wrinkles. It’s for this reason that many people claim that Geranium oil helps in the fight against aging. After all, there’s no reason for people to guess your real age.

New Skin, New You

Geranium oil doesn’t just help against wrinkles, it also plays a role in renewing blemished skin tissues. As you know, once you get older, your body needs to be reminded to do these things and geranium oil doesn’t mind doing this. Many users leave glowing reviews about the oil’s effect on their skin.

What’s That Smell?

While it’s true that Geranium has a strong smell, some people love it immediately while it grows on others. The fact of the matter is that Geranium smells a lot better than body odor, and since it has such a strong smell, those suffering from chronic body odor often turn to this essential oil.

Goodbye, Scars and Blemishes

We’ve spoken about how Geranium oil is known to help with scars and blemished tissues, but we can’t overstate the benefit of this. Too many people are self-conscious of their scars and blemishes, these things are only natural, but that doesn’t mean you need to live with them anymore.

Other Useful Benefits

Get Rid of Bugs!

Geranium oil is a featured ingredient in many natural bug repellents. In its country of origin, homeowners plant geraniums to ward off bugs. If you’re a fan of bugs, then you probably shouldn’t keep Geranium oil around since insects hate the plant and oil.

Who Invited The Fungi?

Researchers have found that anti-fungal medication is slightly more effective when they added Geranium oil to the mix. Why not cut out the middle guy and use some of our Geranium-friendly recipes if you’re suffering from Fungal problems like athlete’s foot and yeast infections. This doesn’t mean that you should abandon the medication prescribed by your healthcare professionals, but the oil should speed things along.

Many, Many More Benefits

Geranium oil has been linked to a number of fantastic benefits such as lowering blood sugar, easing hemorrhoids, helping with cold sores and soothing anger issues. If Geranium oil wasn’t on your radar before, then you should definitely be giving it some more serious consideration after this.

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The Bottom Line:

  • In healing the body, geranium can support healing of slow healing wounds, effective blood clotting when injured as well as regeneration of new skin cells.
  • Geranium oil is used to help the fight against scars and marks on the skin, some use the oil to fight wrinkles
  • The oil also has positive effects on moods. If you’re feeling down, then the oil has been known to turn frowns upside down. Some users report that the oil helps them to focus.
  • Warding off bugs as well as fungi becomes a breeze with geranium in hand. Geranium oil is said to have properties that ward off bacteria as well!

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