What’s Lemon Essential Oil Good For? 9 Benefits Including Skin, Hair & Cleaning

benefits of lemon essential oil

Lemon is something we relate to freshness and a tangy, tart quality. Its color is like a bright summer day!

Lemon is a first-rate essential oil, blending its sunny qualities within a rainbow of care. It lifts you during mundane, humdrum moments, offering balance. Its fresh aroma transports you to bright, aromatic fields of potted lemon bushes with essential oil-bearing fruit.

Each plant bears many lemons, likewise, the essential oil offers many benefits from home care to easing emotions.


Botanical Name: Citrus limonium

Origin: India

Extraction Method: Cold expression

Plant Parts Used: Peel of fresh fruit

Note Classification: Top

Scent: Fresh and clean with a sweet tang

Blends Well With: rose, lavender, benzoin, sandalwood, geranium, eucalyptus, juniper, and neroli

Shelf Life: 12 months


Maximum Dilution: 2% for topical application.

Benefits Of Lemon Essential Oil

All we associate with lemon is compounded in its oil; the freshness, vigor, versatility, and clarity. Each of these come through in the benefits and uses of lemon essential oil.

It has uplifting and cleansing gifts that increase the quality of our lives and health. Its vigor energizes our minds and bodies. Its versatility is phenomena

Lemon essential oil has the clarity of the fruit’s pleasing yellow color. It sharpens focus, while prompting effortless concentration that feels so very natural. Yes, it is clear that lemon essential oil belongs in our lives.

Lemon essential oil bestows powerful benefits such as:

  • Promotes holistic wellbeing
  • Supports sensational skin and hair
  • Brings emotional equilibrium
  • Promoting a clean and fresh home environment

For The Immune System 

Lemon is made up of compounds that create a protective, cleansing action. One is limonene, a monoterpene compound, that contributes to the invigorating aroma and protective benefits of lemon essential oil.

Lemon stimulates your immune system as it aids in ridding toxins. This is presented in an vivo study of mice published in 2011. Citrus limonum essential oil in its high dose in this study is suggested as having a strong protective effect as an antioxidant. Researchers noted signs of the oil interfering with free radical formation, thus limiting the potential harms of oxidation.

For Circulation Stimulation

Lemon essential oil benefits circulation by protecting blood vessels from inflammation and reducing the body’s load of toxins. It’s amazing to learn that this oil’s toning support extends to capillaries and varicose veins. It’s wonderful to know that lemon as a health and beauty booster is more than skin deep!

The lifting and toning capacities that help circulation extends to the all important function of the lymphatic system. This network of tissues is responsible for ridding wastes and carrying white blood cells where needed to fight infection.

For Respiratory Regulation

Lemon essential oil is from a small evergreen bush. It’s tangy, refreshing aroma is welcome when my nose is stuffed, offering me uplifting moments when most needed.

The oil has monoterpenes that aid in breaking up congestion. At the same time, they lift that down-in-the-dumps feeling that accompanies respiratory congestion.

For Clearing Skin Woes

An in vitro study published in 2013 tested various components of lemon essential oil on several bacteria, comparing these with chemical effects. Lemon essential oil was found to match and/or exceed the controlling effects of the chemicals on biofilms, a mass of cells that are stuck together.

Lemon, and its primary compound limonene, make bacterial cell membranes porous and interfere with their enzymes. These actions cause the bacteria to lose vitality, reducing harm wherever they go. As lemon thwarts microbes it eliminates resulting toxins, encouraging skin regeneration, leading to better skin tone, boosted by lemon’s capacity to reduce pore size. That in turn limits nasty germ access to your skin!

For Glistening Hair

It’s said that beauty is only skin deep. In the case of beautiful hair, skin deep is essential! That’s because lemon essential oil balances sebum production in the layers of skin that make up your scalp. This action assures that oily hair becomes less so, and dry hair glistens with the right degree of moisturizing. Hair becomes stronger and gains a healthy shine.

For Banishing Blues 

Just as lemon brings equilibrium to skin and body systems, it does the same for our emotions.

A human subjects controlled study published in 2008 presents details examining how olfactory use of essential oils affected mood and other functions. Lemon essential oil recipients showed benefits that included positive effects on mood . Time to welcome a lemon essential oil balancing boost!

For Stress Balance

The balancing effects of lemon essential oil extend to helping out with life stressors. And those sure can come at you from all directions! This oil calms anxiety and helps a person to avert the outbursts that can be caused by stress.

For Keeping Clean!

The powerful compounds of limonene and pinene freshen your home as they release their combined cleansing gifts. These include disinfection and insecticide benefits, as well as the ability to neutralize odors.

Just think of the extra pluses of using lemon essential oil for household care! Doing so brightens the atmosphere, stimulates immune systems, and adds a sunny, joyful scent to the day.

For A Bright Shine

Yet another use for this bright, cheery essential oil is to refresh and renew household furnishings. These methods are as practical and economical while also protective and uplifting.

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The Bottom Line

  • Lemon essential oil helps your body function by supporting holistic wellbeing.
  • This essential oil is protective to skin and hair. It adds healthy vitality through its protective, toning, and detoxifying qualities.
  • Lemon essential oil is considerate when it comes to emotions and stress. It banishes your blues and is clarifying, lifting, and especially energizing.
  • Lemon essential oil is a household pal that not only cleans, but offers that tad of energy for clearing out clutter!

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